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October 2022

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Burnout: Symptoms and Strategies to Cool Down

While burnout is technically not a medical diagnosis, its effects are very real. Recognizing its symptoms is the first step toward developing coping strategies.


Debt: The Good, the Bad and the…Ways to Better Manage It

The word “debt” brings on feelings of tension or anxiety for many of us. We likely respond that way because of the connotations associated with having any debt. Debt by nature is frowned upon and considered “bad.” But is there such a thing as “good” debt?


Debt. The Good, the Bad and the...Ways to Manage It

National Diabetes Month: November

November Is National Diabetes Month

Did you know that 37 million people in the U.S. have some form of diabetes—and 20 percent of those people don’t even realize they have it? November is National Diabetes Month and the perfect time to learn the facts and understand your own risk.


Recipe: Skip the Added Sugar, Not the Flavor

If you’re diabetic or simply trying to reduce your sugar intake, it can be particularly tough during the holidays. Here’s a healthy, reduced-sugar recipe that brings all the taste without the worry.


Pumpkin Pie

Man with flu

Preparing for the Cold and Flu Season

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many things in our lives more complicated, including flu season! We have simple suggestions for how to avoid getting—and if you catch it, spreading—the flu.


Unplug Your Family

One of the side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic was a rise in screen addiction for people of all ages. In general, too much screen time leads to overall decreased health. The good news is these trends can be reversed by becoming more self-aware and intentional about changing our behaviors.


Unplug Your Family


Investment Update

Third Quarter Investment Update

In case you missed it, watch this video to better understand what transpired in the financial markets during the third quarter. Wespath's Managing Director of Investment Management, Frank Holsteen, breaks down the factors contributing to recent market volatility and performance.

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